Friday, April 24, 2009

11/03/2008 Holy Canoli! I didn't believe it at first!

Apparently my little banshee, peed in the potty last Friday at the sitters.

I thought my mom was nutso when she told me this last Friday. I was/am still floored by the revelation - and didn't post about it until I was able to confirm it myself with the sitter this morning.

Madaline and "C" (the other little girl my sitter has most of the time), had just woken up from naps, and C (being 2 1/2) is potty trained. Well, they were all in the bathroom, and C was done, my sitter, noticing that Maddy was not real wet, just put her on the potty - and she peed. Apparently my sitter has been placing her on the potty for some time now - but this is the first time she actually peed in it.

Who knows....I am not going to hold my breath, but, hey, at least she knows what a potty is for. That is a good thing....right?

**yes, I know it very, very, early, that is why I am not too excited, but, gosh - it's a start...right?**

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