Thursday, April 23, 2009

11-20-2007 The Frog Jammies

Ok….I wasn’t sure where to put this, and while I realize that this is supposed to be where we put conversations that we have with our own little ones, I figured it might be okay, since it is a conversation that I had with my own mom, and I was her little one once? Does it count? If not, and it really doesn’t belong here, maybe someone could move it to chatter…..
(it has been a strange few days…..bear with me….)
Anyway….this is a conversations I had the other day with my own mom,….

Mom: What did you do when you went home?

Me: Gave Maddy a nuh-night bath, and then we had a bottle and then we put on THE FROG jammies. Maddy LOVES her frog jammies.

Mom: Maddy loves her frog jammies?

Me: Yeppers……Maddy LOVES her frog jammies

Mom: Maddy doesn’t love her frog jammies, you love the frog jammies

Me: Mom….no seriously….Maddy LOVES her frog jammies

Mom: H E A T H E R…….Maddy doesn’t

Me: even realize that there are frogs on her jammies…..

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