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09/05/2008 MY little Mobile Bio-hazard Banshee who occassionally likes to cuddle

Kind of sounds like a personal add doesn't it....

A few days ago, I posted that I thought it was just some teething throwing her out of wack.... It was not just teething - the nurse so curtly informed me that babies do not spike fevers when they cut teeth .

Best place to start is the beginning....

Left work at 5 yesterday - with reports to finish after Madaline went to bed on my portable USB thingy - only to get home and find Madaline snuggling on the couch with her Dad. She had been sitting on his lap for the last 35 minutes. The longest this kid sits is 15 minutes, and that is when she is strapped in a high chair eat. Took her temp, it was 102 and climbing when I pulled the thermometer out of her arm pit. Call after hours/urgent care - they didn't want to see her. She was 24 hours shy of the typical 72 hour mark for having a 102 - 104 degree fever. I went off - I cited the three month they jerked my chain, and the sinus infection and ended it with - "And regardless of what you think, you are going to see my daughter". The last appointment they have available is at 6:50 - and it's was almost 6pm and it at least an hour to get there, depending on traffic.

Nice thing was, there was not wait to see the doc. He came right in - looked her over, NEVER took her temp, neither did the nurse, and told me that beyond a shadow of a doubt, that she has coxsackie virus (Hand, Foot & Mouth). What I find curious, is the only area she has a rash, is on her inner thigh - I don't see any of this on her feet, on her hands, around her mouth. It does appear that her throat is rather red and raw. Additionally, he didn't seem interested in my concerns that I thought she was dehydrated - as she had been at least three hours + in the same diaper, and it was hardly wet.. Typically, for Madaline, three hours in the same diaper, and it's hanging full almost down to her knees. And, in true Madaline fashion, she screamed, and kicked, and clawed, and screamed, and screamed from the second the doctor entered the exam room until we were making feeble attempts to buckle her in the car seat to come home. (yes...dh actually went with me).

We left with instructions to piggy back Tylenol and Motrin and keep her a comfortable as we can. If the dry diaper trend continues and she totally stops eating and drinking, to give them a call and we will figure out how to proceed from there. This is where the fun started.....

1 - I had not planned on my little mobile bio-hazard banshee spending the day at home so, we only had enough "stuff" for the am, as Mama was going to make a lunch time Wal-Mart run. SO, off toe Wally World I trek'd last night at like 9:30 for formula, diapers, popsicles, juice, milk, Motrin, Tylenol and other things.

2 - she couldn't go to the sitters today - and my mom HAD to go to work as well, along with myself and dh. So, dh called his boss, who got someone to take one of his am jobs, and was still working this morning on getting someone to take one of his pm. I have been attempting to finish my August reports at work and this huge Opp Report + my other daily duties (they downsized our department - let go of one and the other one went back to school - I now manage about 1600 Accounts + an additional 650 Opportunities associated with those accounts ) So, I arrived at work this morning at 6:30 so that I could leave at 11 and not be too far behind and have to bring to much home. With dh's schedule this afternoon, I will be lucky to see him by 10pm.

So - I think that about sums it up - she's still not eating and drinking well - and the diapers are wet, but not where I want them to bed. The temp is hovering between 101 - 102, which is better than the 102 - 104 ranger, where it was yesterday. I am enjoying the fact that my daughter is content to sit on my lap and snuggle, even if it is only because she is sick . And, for now, we are just playing it by ear....and I am off to take a nap.

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