Thursday, April 23, 2009

09/03/2008 UN-likely snuggle Bug with a 100.7 fever...

Ugh...yep - you got it - Miss. Madaline arrived home with my mom (she picks her up from the sitters), with a bit of a fever *understatment*. My mom said that my sitter didn't say much, so I trucked her across the road - we walked in the door, I set her down, she toddled into the living room, climbed up on her Dad's lap and snuggled her head in and closed her eyes. *eeek!* And, this was at 5:45. About 15 minutes later, she got down long enough to take a peak in her package that came today (her Melissa & Doug toys arrived), only to take NO interest, and climb back up on the couch to curl up with Coco (her bear) and her taggie blanket.

I immediately called my mom and asked if the sitter mentioned if she was out of sorts today. All the sitter said was that Madaline took a 3 hour nap this afternoon. *Um, hello McFly, so not like her* So, I phone the sitter and get the whole story - ate good breakfast, played well all morning, didn't really eat lunch, just picked at it, took a very fitful 3 hour afternoon nap, and spent the last hour and 45 minutes before my mom got there, laying on the couch with Coco and pulling at her ear.

So - here's what I know - We have an interesting rash in the groin area, outside of where the diaper is, and a bit of it forming on the outer side of her left ankle. I think it is heat rash - or so I hope. When I took her temperature at 7pm, just before she went down for the count, it was sitting at a steady 100.7. It seems as if the very beginning stages of one of her top teeth, the one just to the left of the left one of the two in the center (KWIM?), is starting to bud through. Refused both toast and applesauce for dinner, barely drank 4 ounces of a 6 ounce bottle, and spent the evening sitting on my lap with taggie & Coco. She has been thoroughly dosed with Motrin, and a few minutes ago I checked her temp in the armpit (NOT an easy feat with a sleeping, easy to wake banshee ), and it was down to 99.7 - but, she felt really warm to me at the same time. But, it is warm in the upstairs - it is still to early in the evening for the house temperature to have equalized. At least that I what I think the thermometer said, as reading a thermometer is about like me attempting to, I don't know - I just have difficulty doing it.

At this point....I just hope the temp continues to come down, and that she sleeps through the night....

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