Thursday, April 23, 2009

08/23/2008 All I ever say is "No" or "Madaline Elizabeth! ENOUGH!"

The title pretty much sums it up. I have just spent the last 45 minutes yelling the following phrases:

"Leave that alone"
"Get out of there"
"That is not yours"
"No Madaline NO"
"Madaline your being naughty"

and my shining moment of the afternoon

"Madaline you are really starting to mama off".

Not to to mention I was hauling her out from behind the rocking chair away from the book case, and when I went to set her down, she tumbled a bit, and screamed even more - and of course I feel like - because I keep over playing it in my mind, thinking did I let go before she has her feet under her or did I set her down to quick on her feet.

I have a living room that has plenty of toys in it - building blocks, busy beads, plush, a ride on or push toy, a play tunnel, books, and various other random toys. I try to sit on the floor and get her to stack the blocks or take them from one container to the other - I try to get her to sit on my lap so we can read a book, But, noooo, she is more interested in trying to get the coaster off the top part of the end table or pulling all of my books off the shelf behind the rocker.

She clearly knows what the word NO means - and she clearly knows when she is being naughty. I can see it in the smirk and they way her eyes light up, as she is running away from me with what ever it is that she is not suppose to have. I think that it is important that she learn what she can and can not have. That she learn that some things are just off limits - you play with your toys. I refuse to have a house where I take everything off the floor and/or off the bottom shelves because my kid can't behave. What kills me, is that she doesn't act like this with her Dad on Tuesday's. He is home all day with her, and I will call, and he will tell me that she is playing with her blocks or this or that or they are sitting on the couch reading a story. He never has these horror stories like I do - about how she just doesn't seem to listen or mind - at all. IT is like he get the angel child and I always get the banshee.

I guess what I need to know - is this a phase? Is she really that in tune with the differences between dh and myself, that it is possible for her to have two little different personalities and two different ways that she will act for the two of us? I keep telling myself that she is testing limits and bounds, and that it will get easier.

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