Thursday, April 23, 2009

08/10/2008 I wish it had only been a growth spurt!

and some more!

Madaline woke up from her after noon nap screaming hot yesterday afternoon. I mean on fire! And then my usually over active critter sat on my lap for 20 minutes (totally bittersweet, she never snuggles) and then only got down to lay on the floor and chew her fingers and just roll back and forth. She face is all puffy, she a drool queen and we have clear snot galore coming from what I am assuming is her nose - it's so red at the moment it hard to tell.

I dosed her with some motrin - and she seemed to perk up a bit - let her have some toast for dinner and some applesauce, which she seemed totally uninterested in. And, a bit before 8pm she went to bed. We let her stay up so late cause she was so content just to sit on either mine or dh's lap.

She slept well as one could expect last night - drank her morning bottle and then picked at her breakfast. I "motrinized" her about 8 - and then she proceeded to lay on the couch with Coco the bear, taggie and watch tv. Madaline never does this - I just took her up for a nap.

I am thinking she is working on another tooth - and I hope this one comes in fast, cause I have never seen it hit her this hard.

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