Thursday, April 23, 2009

08/09/2008 Another Nap?

yep - Madaline is taking ANOTHER nap. I really didn't expect her to take another one or to have wanted to take her afternoon nap this early (It's 2:30 EST). I figured she would take one closer to 3pm or so - no go down this early.

She got up about 6:30 this morning - and went down for her morning nap right on time about 9:15/9:20 or so. BUT, it was almost noon before she woke up.

She ate a great lunch and then played for an hour + out on the deck. And, we were back inside playing some more, and just laid down on the floor with Coco the Bear and her taggie. I asked her if she wanted to go take a nap - and she got up, and walked over to the stairs and waited by the gate for me to take her up.

She's been up there for about 10 minutes, I hear some chattering but no crying - I guess I just didn't expect her to nap again so soon -

And, - she's in a GREAT mood today - so needless to say, I am a bit leary and waiting for the other shoes to drop - so to speak.

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