Thursday, April 23, 2009

08/04/2008 Eye Opening 1 Year Well Baby Check UP

Whew......I don't even know where to start. Sorry I have been scare the last few days - we have just had a lot going on. And, well, after Madaline's mind numbing one year check up, I think I sub-consciously distanced myself even more - and am still in a bit of, shall we say, denial.

On an up note, Maddy weighed in at just a little over 19 lbs and at 30 inches long. She is growing rather perfectly, in my mind, on her her curve. I actually think she was almost in the 50th percentile for weight and more than that for height. Both dh and I are please with her growth.

The down notes:
1 - Madaline has what is called a Labial Adhesion.,1510,5892,00.html

From what I understand, this is not that common of an occurrence in little girls. So much of a NOT common occurrence, that my aunt who is a nurse, had not even really heard of it, and in fact, all the years she worked in OB, she does not even remember one time when she encountered a little girl that had it. We now have to put Premarin cream (an estrogen replacement drug for menopausal women, in her vagina and on her labia three times a day.

2 - We have been referred to Child Development Services. Our NP is not sure that Madaline's behavior (screaming like a banshee in particular, lack of communication, etc), is just part of normal childhood development. She wants to have her evaluated, so that if there is a problem, we can get it addressed immediately. *that was hard to type*. Of course, some think that I am making a mountain out of a molehill, and that there is nothing wrong with her grandbaby, and that it is just Madaline being Madaline. Part of me says yes - and part of me says, I don't know. I also expressed my concern about some potential sensory issues (again, my mom thinks I am nuts ), and the NP agreed, but that was also something that would be addressed with our evaluation.

So, I am waiting on a phone call from CDS to schedule the appointment. Our NP said that they will want to do a home visit - so, looks like I better get better at getting things cleaned up. My house is clean, but it is lived in - KWIM? So, here we are, for now, in a holding pattern. We are to continue to encourage Madaline to communicate with us, do out best to handle the screaming (industrial strength earplugs), and, I am just going to sit here, waiting for the phone to ring, to schedule the evual.

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