Friday, April 24, 2009

03/23/2009 Wuv U

My little Banshee just melts my heart......

I went upstairs to get Madaline out of her crib before I got dressed to leave for work this morning. She's gathering up her bear, and her water and her bunny, and I am asking her "Did you have a good rest", "Are you excited to go to Betty's today (our sitter)". And, as I do each day when I pluck her out of her crib, I kiss the top of her head and say "Love you". Today, as I set her to down to walk down the hall, she looked at me, and said "Wuv you".

And, all way way done the hall I would say, "Love you" and she would say "Wuv U".

Moments like these, almost, ALMOST, make the screaming tolerable.

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