Thursday, April 23, 2009

02/12/2008 One Sided Conversations with Madaline

This evening, since it is only Madaline and myself, we had some one sided interesting conversations, I thought I would share....

As she is playing on the floor when I first got home from work:

Me:"Madaline, stop trying to stick your finger up the cat's butt - it's not nice"
DD: looks at me like I am nuts and smiles....
Me: "Seriously...stop trying to enima the kitty - you might not like what you get in return"
DD: looks up at me and smiles

While we are upstairs, so I can change out of my work cloths:
Me:"Madaline, did you ask Pooh's permission before you starting eating his hinie?
DD: looks at me, giggles, and returns to gnawing on Pooh's hinie

While sitting in highchair at dinner time:
DD: cooo...gaaa...cooo.....argh....argh...grunt...grun t...grunt...
Me: "Can you use your words please - I can't understand you"
DD: arrghhh.....*starts screaming like a banshee*

During bath time (as she is trying to tuck her feet behind her ears):
Me: "Aren't we just a little budding porn star"
DD: successfully stuffs entire foot in mouth

As I am trying to get diaper on now clean baby:
Me: "Must you make attempts to pee on the floor every night after your bath? I know the carpet is old and ugly, but mama can't afford to replace it right now"
DD: Screams like a banshee, rolls (into now urine soaked towel) and tries to hide under the couch....

**looks to lucky stars in hopes that dd NEVER repeats (when she starts to talk) what I say to her, as if she does, I am for sure to get a visit for social services**

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