Friday, April 24, 2009

02/11/2009 Mealtime Mayhem

Ahhhhhh yeah

- Madaline the Banshee is now my little full time 'eating dinner misery machine'.

She sits at the table and pushes her food around on her plate and/or throws it on the floor. This is, if she is not begging, crying, kicking and screaming to get down away from the table, because she is "DONE!". As I refuse to tolerate her disruptive and rude behavior at the dinner table, we let her down. She wanders off and is done with it.

But, all of that aside, we have come to the blinding reality that she's really not eating. Even my sitter noticed that she has cut back on her intake - and she has always, ALWAYS, eaten well for my sitter. I would say, over the last few weeks, Madaline has cut her total food intake, by about 30-50%, depending on the day. Just enough for anyone that spends a significant amount of time to notice, and sort of file it away in the back of your mind. KWIM?

I would dare say that, she is borderline dehydrated on a daily basis. Really the only "wet" diaper that gets changed, is the one that she has on for the 10 hours she sleeps at night. And, IF, and I mean, IF, she does eat, her diet lately consists of grapes, apples, baby carrots, peas, whole green beans, a piece of cheese, the odd piece of WW toast w/ peanut butter, and perhaps the occasional piece of pasta w/ butter & parm, and maybe, mac/cheese. Dh made her hot dogs for lunch yesterday day and she only ate a 1/2 of one. Typically, she scarfs down an entire hot dog and is looking for seconds, in no time flat. She asks for water instead of milk - and sometimes, sometimes, will drink milk at dinner, if and only if, she can use a straw and drink it out of dh's glass. And, trust me, the battles of wills and the non-stop screaming for water, has made me abandon the theory of "I am the mom and you need to drink this milk before you have more water". Oye Vey!

Initially we though she was getting to many snacks between meals - a few grapes here, as handful of dry cereal there - and so we cut back on that. Since that time, we learned that her behavior at the table, and her lack of interest in eating, is in no way connected to how many in between meal snacks she gets. She acts this way, both with and without the between meal snacking.

So, needless to say, we are at a point where we are throwing our hands up in the air, and wondering, when dinner will be "normal" again.

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