Friday, April 24, 2009

02/04/2009 Wow!!! She's got a set of pipes!!!

Daryl took Madaline for her 18 month well child visit yesterday. And, she let everyone in not only the Ped's office, but the entire medical complex know that she was there for her appointment. LOL

The banshee has not gained any weight nor any inches in the height dept since Nov., but I am trying not to worry too much. She's holding strong at 32 1/4" tall and 23 pounds. Our Ped said that she feels that Madaline is growing good for her size, and is thinking that she will be tall & thin. Hmmm.....I wonder where she will get that - dh is rather tall, but we are both more round than thin. 'Pleasantly Plump' - would be a good description.....

As per OUR request - we got our referral with the "Hearing Dude" (that is what dh called it) and that appointment is for February 18th. In taking a better look Madaline's difficulty in passing her infant hearing screening as well as our concerns about her speech, the Ped thought we might be on to something.

And...that is about it. We don't have to go back again until she's 2. *sigh* And, in reality that is only 6 months from now. Where is the time going?

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