Thursday, April 23, 2009

01/30/2008 MY Plate it Full!!!!

I have felt sooooo cut off from the outside world. I didn't realize how dependent I had become on IRD as a place to escape from my day and a place to air my concerns, until the last 24 hours and not being able to access it.

Madaline is having a heck of a time. I am soooo lost again. Monday night was a nightmare. She fully emptied the contents of her tummy all over my living room floor, just after her bath. Daryl wasn't home from work yet, and I had to call my mom to come over and help me, that is how much of a mess that I had. I was just getting ready to put her in the tub for a second time when she walked in the door. My mom thankfully gave her a bath, while I cleaned up the rug, the blanket and the mess. Not only did she puke all over the place, but the bottle of Tylenol spilled, as I had been in the process of trying to give her some of that to ease the pain from the shots. Thankfully she went to bed shortly after this whole episode.

Daryl had a nasty day home with her yesterday(Daddy and Maddy Tuesdays) - she was more needy than she usually is. And, when he tried to feed her lunch, all she did was gag. She has never done this. Well, she did when we first introduced carrots, but that quickly went away. SO, last night, I tried to feed her dinner and she did the exact same thing. I don't know if it is because of what happen Monday, or if it is because the nurse dragged out giving her the the oral vaccine - until she got really pissed and into a full blown hissy fit. She is even gagging when we give her a dose of Prevaid. And, we have never had any problems with that.

I forgot to mention in our Monday update that she has also been potentially dx'd with psoriasis. This is so heartbreaking to me. I realize that this is more of a cosmetic dx, but still, I really hoped that with all things considered, that it would skip her. We have it in the family - my sister has it. We were told a long time ago that it is some how genetic based, and well, I have also counted my lucky stars that I don't have it - and I have been watching Maddy's skin like a hawk in hopes that I don't find any patches on her - no such luck. They are developing right behind her knees, in the folds of her skin - it's all bubbly, red and raw. That is exactly how my sister presented.

This whole teething thing is getting out of hand. I wish Madaline's would poke through. I am sooo sick of this teething thing.

So - between teething, the nurse gagging her with the oral vaccine, the potential psoriasis diagnosis, Monday night's vomiting episode, my child is refusing to eat solids, barely sleeping through the night and top it off with my added responsibilities here at work(I have no been charged with planning an all day conference event in Suburban Boston - from upstate NY with no opportunity to visit places). plate is full - God needs to put what ever else he has for me in a tupperware container and stick it in the fridge. I can't handle any more - I mean, I know they say that God does not hand you more than you can handled - but jeepers...enough is enough all ready.

Ok...better now...sorry.....but, I had to get that out.

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