Thursday, April 23, 2009

01/28/2008 Warning: Never Schedule A Well Baby Visit for Monday Morning!!


We had our 6 month well baby appointment today. Madaline fell off the exam table at the doctors today. I caught her before she hit the floor....she was really scared... She is just so dang wiggly and wormy. I had my hand on her, and was reaching to get a clean diaper out of the bag, so I was ready with it after our wight check - and I don't thing I know, I am trying to keep her head from hitting the floor. She has a nice large scratch on the side of her face, and I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't turn black and blue. I am certainly not going to win any "Parent of the Month" award. And, at least it was only her and I in the room at the time, so I didn't have to deal with anyone else but me seeing it - or else I fear I would be dealing with child services or something. Ugh...

She weighed 15 1/2 pounds but the nurse said they would say 16 for good measure. I was - you have to write 15.5 - because it will make a huge difference to her Ped GI. But, it is better than that, beucase, the first time she weighed her the nurse said she only weight 13.5!!! I made them weigh her again, because 13.5 would mean that she had lost 1.5 in the last month. I couldn't get the nurse to understand how important it is/was to weigh her accurately. She kept looking at me like I was nuts. She still 25 inches in length and her head is 39" round. She is doing fine on her growth curves and growing nicely. She got an Oral vaccine, a tetanus shot, 2 others that I don't remember what they are and a flu shot. And had a full blown hissy fit while we were there.

She is teething major! We thought she might have an ear infection, but there is no fluid in her ears, and the reason that she might be tugging on her ears is because of the nerve that runs in your jaw is connected to your ears. This could also be why she is not sleeping well at night. And, we were told that we need to get tougher about going to her in the night - she needs to learn how to self sooth herself and if we are not careful, she will start to learn that we will come to her and manipulate that. UGH - another reason why dh and i will not be winning "Parents of the month" We seem to cater a little to much to our bundle of joy in the middle of the night. I was like...umm..ok - at what point to I go in? Before she screams so much she pukes or after she pukes? (not sure she really got the full effect of my sense of humor) Also, since the house gets realy quiet at night that we might want to do some "white noise" at night to aid in sleeping. And, since she will at least take an afternoon nap at home, they said that most likely it has something to do with environment at the sitters as Madaline is so concerned with what goes on around her and has to be a part of the action all the time. As my sitter has been getting rather frustrated, because Madaline will not nap.

On the good side, we can give her plain cheerios help her learn to use her pincher grasp - and then move on to those things that Gerber makes out of fruits and puff snacks etc. We are to start with cheerios because they will dissolve quickly in her mouth, but most likely end up sticking them all over her face to start.

The only other part that sucks is that they didn't have any coupons and they didn't have any formula samples. And, I decided enough is enough - and scheduled her for round two of her flu shot for a Tuesday - so DH can feel the pain of taking this child to the doctor.... as well as scheduled her 9 month well baby visit for a Tuesday. Dh can have the pleasure of holding her down while she screams bloddy murder and has alligator tears running down her cheeks as they stick needles in her leg....

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