Thursday, April 23, 2009

01/16/2008 Night of the Screaming Madaline

She's killing me this week...last night the shanigans started at 1:30 and lasted till almost 2:45am. What is my little one's malfunction? Granted she barely naps, but she has ALWAYS successfully slept throught the night since about the middle of October - maybe blip here or there, but this is 3 nights in a row. I didn't think much about Sunday night becuase it was almost 4am and the night before last it was 3am. I thought for sure we would be go to go last night since it was almost 8pm before she went down. NOPE - couldn't have been more wrong one that. It is almost like she has learned that if she cranks it up enough, I will get up and bring her in bed with me.

I am about ready to ship one of my cats to Leigh or better yet to Lindsay so it can play with Sanchez. Because puking on the stair landing is fine - but, puking on the comforter requires a trip to the laundry mat. Which I know have to fit in my schedule before dh gets home.

I feel like a walking zombie. I got more work at work that there are hours in the a work day and dh won't be home until sometime on Saturday night - I CAN'T TAKE THREE MORE NIGHTS OF THIS....

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