Thursday, April 23, 2009

01/09/2008 Daddy and Maddy Tuesday's

Right before the holiday’s my sitter asked me if my dh would be willing to watch Madaline on his during the week day off, which is Tuesday. She asked, because Madaline is the only child she watches this day – and was really hoping that she could get a “kid-free” day during the week. We agreed, and it worked out perfectly, since as of Jan. 1st – the flat rate for daycare went up.

I was initially concerned about how he would do. Madaline is a hand full. She went into a full blown hissy fit before I left this morning, and to his credit, he just rocked and rocked and rocked and talked softly to her and finally she stopped, snuggled into him and went to sleep. So, having seen that - I left with my fingers, toes, eyes and hair crossed that what I just saw, would be the only hissy fit of the day. It was….

Daddy and Maddy had a really great day together yesterday – and I was pleasantly surprised. They even took 1 1/2 nap together yesterday afternoon. He woke up to her sticking her fingers up his nose. And, (drumroll please) she is successfully rolling from back to front and front to back. And, once she ends up on her tummy, she starting kicking her legs and trying to move. We have to be careful, because she tries to roll and "hide" under the couch. And, of course, this new found talent, has made changing a diaper a bigger hassle than it already was. And, accordingly to my DH, she has perfected what he calls the "hinie scoot". Where she lifts her butt up and down and makes her body move like that of a catapiller.

Good news is…that dh admitted that he FINALLY understands that it is next to impossible to get anything done when you are home alone with her. And, not that she is physically draining, but since she can be a pretty needy child, she can be rather mentally draining. It is almost like a light bulb has gone off inside his head –

“Welcome to Parenthood - I fully understand now...I think…..maybe”

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