Thursday, April 23, 2009

01/03/2008 Maddy the Mayhem Maker

The screaming alarm that we keep in the other room went off this morning at 3:45 am. The downside – this alarm clock lacks a snooze button.

At first, I figured I would let her cry it out – that is what my “Sleep Book” (the one that is highly recommended here) suggested. After almost a ½ hour of that, I thought to myself – enough is enough. I went in thinking that I could give her back her nuk and she would drift back off. Nope – it intensified the screaming. And – she seems to be rolling herself from her tummy to her back and then is unable to get back to sleep.

So, I picked her up and put her in bed with us. Yep – the one thing I swore up and down that I was not going to do, I did. My dh…in his sleeping slumber goes “how come your letting Maddy cry – she’s screaming really loud”. To which I replied – “Dumba$$ - she’s in bed with us”. “Oh….”**grunt/grumble…rolls over and stuffs head under his pillow**.

She finally slept another 45 minutes or so and we were up for the day at 5:15.

I am at a loss. The sleep book makes no sense to me – Daryl and I suck at the whole CIO thing. Last night, it wasn’t needed anyway, because she fell asleep eating her last bottle and didn’t wake up when we put her in her crib. Some night she sleeps like a champ and others we are up every 2 hours. I don’t mind getting up at 5 am that - it’s the up every 2 hours and the battle some nights just to get her to sleep. I don’t think it’s reflux, because we have not had any water brash on her sheet and the puking has seemed to lessen since we started solids.

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