Friday, April 24, 2009

Boo Boo, Kiss It, Better

As the sad teary eyed face of my banshee looked up at me as I walked in the door last night from work.

Apparently, when her and her Dad got home from the sitter's...they were walking up the driveway, she stumbled on her own two feet. Of course, we have your typical, middle of nowhere, gravel driveway. And, this is the perfect work surface for creating skinned knees. And, she has a doozy of one.

SO, needless to say, there is something UBER cute about a little banshees, bent completely over at he waist, while attempting to hike her dress up to her chin, while saying....'Mama, Mama, Mama, boo, boo, kiss it, better'.

04/22/2009 Were DONE! w/ Speech Therapy


We have been discharged for EI's Speech Therapy program - EARLY!!!!!! Our ST stated very matter of fact yesterday afternoon, at the end of her session with Madaline, that "My work in done here". There is nothing more that she can do for her, that we are not doing. And, her speech has grown in leaps and bounds since she started seeing her almost 6 months ago.

Madaline is speaking regularly now, and even started to sting words together. She is using words in their appropriate context (even her new fav...'dam-mit') and is finally mimicking and repeating things left and right. She can count 1 - 2 - 3, and animals recognition and their sounds are her specialty at the moment. She will say 'Peas' and 'Tank u' and her sweet little voice is music to my ears after all the months of screaming (don't get me wrong, we still have some pretty intense screaming episodes).

03/26/2009 Hack and Bark...Hack and Bark....

Madaline has been working on a very heaving sounding, smoke three packs a day, need to clear the phlegm out my throat, lungs, cough now, for the last 48 hours or so. It actually goes back and forth between a really wet cough and that of a barking cough. Her nose is running like a faucet - but there is no temp, as far as I can tell. My mom thought she sounded a bit rattely tonight - but I didn't hear anything.

**the running nose didn't concern me, because well, - my allergies are flaring something fierce - today it felt like I had a little man in my nose, trying to chisel his way out with a tattoo gun - fun times to be had by all**

Other than the cough & the nose - things are "normal" - eating is still good, her banshee temperament is right where it should be - and sleeping/napping habits are the same.

03/23/2009 Wuv U

My little Banshee just melts my heart......

I went upstairs to get Madaline out of her crib before I got dressed to leave for work this morning. She's gathering up her bear, and her water and her bunny, and I am asking her "Did you have a good rest", "Are you excited to go to Betty's today (our sitter)". And, as I do each day when I pluck her out of her crib, I kiss the top of her head and say "Love you". Today, as I set her to down to walk down the hall, she looked at me, and said "Wuv you".

And, all way way done the hall I would say, "Love you" and she would say "Wuv U".

Moments like these, almost, ALMOST, make the screaming tolerable.

02/18/2009 Banshee's Audiology Torture Chamber Session

I took Madaline to have her hearing tested this morning. I tend to forget how strong she is, while I NEVER forget how loud she can be. She was 100% banshee before, during, and after the exam.

Good news....she can hear. Even though she was screaming as if I was trying to skin her alive, she still responded very well to all the sounds that were presented to her. After the test, when my mom took her back out to the waiting room so I could hopefully get rid of the ringing in my ears, and have a conversation with the specialist. (My mom took the day off, so that Madaline could go back home after this newly inflicted trauma, and not have to go to the sitters) She pretty much immediately stated that there is NOTHING wrong with her ears. There is not way that they would be connected with an speech delay.

As an interesting side note, we discussed last year when Madaline was sick from about the beginning of February until almost of the end of April. This was about the same time, our Ped passed us off to the allergist, when in fact, all she has was a raging sinus infection. The hearing dudette (as dh still refers to them as), stated that perhaps, during that time, there was some sickness induced hearing loss, which, for all intents and purposes, could not account for the delay. KWIM? Maybe I am grasping at straws, but, it does seem to make sense to me. The time frame seems to fit with the length of her delay. IDK....

So, for now, we just continue on with ST and at least we know, 100% for sure, that she can hear.

02/11/2009 Mealtime Mayhem

Ahhhhhh yeah

- Madaline the Banshee is now my little full time 'eating dinner misery machine'.

She sits at the table and pushes her food around on her plate and/or throws it on the floor. This is, if she is not begging, crying, kicking and screaming to get down away from the table, because she is "DONE!". As I refuse to tolerate her disruptive and rude behavior at the dinner table, we let her down. She wanders off and is done with it.

But, all of that aside, we have come to the blinding reality that she's really not eating. Even my sitter noticed that she has cut back on her intake - and she has always, ALWAYS, eaten well for my sitter. I would say, over the last few weeks, Madaline has cut her total food intake, by about 30-50%, depending on the day. Just enough for anyone that spends a significant amount of time to notice, and sort of file it away in the back of your mind. KWIM?

I would dare say that, she is borderline dehydrated on a daily basis. Really the only "wet" diaper that gets changed, is the one that she has on for the 10 hours she sleeps at night. And, IF, and I mean, IF, she does eat, her diet lately consists of grapes, apples, baby carrots, peas, whole green beans, a piece of cheese, the odd piece of WW toast w/ peanut butter, and perhaps the occasional piece of pasta w/ butter & parm, and maybe, mac/cheese. Dh made her hot dogs for lunch yesterday day and she only ate a 1/2 of one. Typically, she scarfs down an entire hot dog and is looking for seconds, in no time flat. She asks for water instead of milk - and sometimes, sometimes, will drink milk at dinner, if and only if, she can use a straw and drink it out of dh's glass. And, trust me, the battles of wills and the non-stop screaming for water, has made me abandon the theory of "I am the mom and you need to drink this milk before you have more water". Oye Vey!

Initially we though she was getting to many snacks between meals - a few grapes here, as handful of dry cereal there - and so we cut back on that. Since that time, we learned that her behavior at the table, and her lack of interest in eating, is in no way connected to how many in between meal snacks she gets. She acts this way, both with and without the between meal snacking.

So, needless to say, we are at a point where we are throwing our hands up in the air, and wondering, when dinner will be "normal" again.

02/06/2009 "sanks" !!!!!!!!! =]

Me: "Here you go"... (I am handing her a block to put in the block basket)
Madaline: "Sanks"
Me: "huh"
Madaline: "Sanks" (as she put the block in the basket)

Ahhhh ..........she said Thanks!

It is comforting to know that all the times we have been asking her to say 'please' and 'thank you', that she is actually listening and learning.

Ahhh...the banshee can be taught!

02/04/2009 Wow!!! She's got a set of pipes!!!

Daryl took Madaline for her 18 month well child visit yesterday. And, she let everyone in not only the Ped's office, but the entire medical complex know that she was there for her appointment. LOL

The banshee has not gained any weight nor any inches in the height dept since Nov., but I am trying not to worry too much. She's holding strong at 32 1/4" tall and 23 pounds. Our Ped said that she feels that Madaline is growing good for her size, and is thinking that she will be tall & thin. Hmmm.....I wonder where she will get that - dh is rather tall, but we are both more round than thin. 'Pleasantly Plump' - would be a good description.....

As per OUR request - we got our referral with the "Hearing Dude" (that is what dh called it) and that appointment is for February 18th. In taking a better look Madaline's difficulty in passing her infant hearing screening as well as our concerns about her speech, the Ped thought we might be on to something.

And...that is about it. We don't have to go back again until she's 2. *sigh* And, in reality that is only 6 months from now. Where is the time going?

12/20/2008 Send the Sick Cart to the Bryerton's...

I am sick. Dh is working on getting sick & leave tomorrow to work in Albany (he's be home last evening Christmas eve ). And, our resident Banshee - well, she's sick too. My nose is so red and raw and lets not even got there with Madaline. We are drugging her with Tylenol to keep the fever at bay, I spent most of the morning chasing her with a tissue saying "Let mama wipe your buggars" and have been lathering her with vixs at night and running the humidifier.

I just hope that it runs it course by X-mas & that dh doesn't get it too bad since he's going out of town. I hope it passes, as the banshee's sleeping patterns are all fered up! She can't breath, so she doesn't sleep, and just lays in bed and wails like its her job.

12/08/2008 Stumbling, bumbling, Black & Blue Banshee

I was getting Madaline dressed for the day, and realized that she has some black & blue spots on her legs. Her elbows are forearms look someone the same as well. Good thing its winter and shes covered up, or I am sure it would raise a few eyebrows.

The other day at the sitters she lost her balance, and did a face plant into my sitters kitchen table bench. This resulted in a nice scrach on her cheek and somewhat of a black eye. She is constantly tripping over her own feet. This weekend she face planted between one of my living room chairs & the end table as well as into the corner of the stairs at the landing (I have unfisnished oak stairs - and they are solid - trust me, I face planted into them more than once in my childhood - so I know). This seems more than what I would consider "normal" - KWIM? Most of the time, she picks herself up, straightens herself out, and move on. Then the other half of the time, well, she screams like the banshee she is.

My first reaction.....Madaline is a toddler, she runs rather than walks, and is just plain out clumsy.

My second reaction....Madaline needs new shoes?

My third reaction......Madaline has fluid in her ears?

The only other oddity that we have, is she loves, loves, loves, for us to take her shoes and socks off, so she can prance around the house on her tip-toes like a fairy (that is what dh calls it ).


12/03/2008 Great GOOGLY MOOGLY!

I realized that I never updated after Madaline's 15 month well baby appointment, which was, what seems likes ages ago. At that time, she was finally *drumroll please* over 20 pounds!!! 21 pounds to be exact. Whoo HOO! I was super excited! And, our resident banshee was 32 1/2 inches long.

Since that appointment, we have gone 100% bottle free! No more 'bas'! And, no more formula. I am not sure how I feel about this, as I do find myself leaving sippys with Lactaid all around the house for her, in hopes of getting her to drink. At lease when we were bottle feeding twice a day, I KNEW for sure that she was getting 12 ounces of something. We have good days eating and drinking, but, nothing that is blipping on my mama-dar. KWIM? We have gotten serious about a Prevacid wean finally. We are down from 30mg a day to 15mg, in the evening only. I think we are doing ok with it - but we have a lot of nasty stinking burps and her sleeping hasn't been the greatest lately either. I tried to remove the bumpers from her crib, as I am thinking of transitioing her to a toddler bed when I am on break at Christmas, and, that didn't work so well. I think it was just to much open space for her. I have since put the bumpers back in, and things seem to have goten back to normal, for the most part.

Madaline is still seeking oral sensory input like it is her job. I posted about that last week as well as some of her other behaviours. All of which, are still going strong. One of the guys I work with, his daughter works with pre-school aged children that have a hybrid of disabilities, and she sent me some Chewy Tubes ( Madaline gnaws on them like crazy. And, Madaline recent development of full blown early toddler tantrums. It is just a joy to be in my house some days. NOT!

And, last but not least, next Tuesday, we have our first appointment with the Speech Therapist. It took a lot of leg work on my part - as I was getting a lot of run around from the local agency that corrdinates therpay. I finally begged for the therpaist phone number and reached out to her directly. Apparently, Madaline and her file were part of what I will call the "paper work shuffle" and no one wanted to take responsibility. Our ST got the paperwork snafu all figured out and we set up the first appointment for next week's Daddy & Maddy tuesday. This worked out great, so that neither one of us has to take time off from work. Which is a plus - given the amount of work I have right now, and dh is trying to take as many extra installation jobs as possible. As we are starting this new leg of what has been almost a 4 month process of getting started, I am so glad that I followed my instincts on that one and for those of you that told me to follow my instincts on this!

11/25/2008 No fear....

And, I am not talking about the line of skater clothing & accessories that came out when I was a teenager either.

OMG! Madaline is nutso! She has taken to trying to jump or should I say, launching herself off the couch and the foot stool at my parents house. She will step with with no regard for her safety off stairs, if you don't get to her first or if we forget to latch the baby gate. She is climbing on anything that doesn't move and has taken to what ever means possible to climb into the dining rooms chairs, and then on top of the table.

She requests (no, not with words, but with grunts) that we remove her shoes so that she can prance through the house like a fairy on her toes. She can't seem to stand anything that is too tight or binding - and pulls and tugs until the offending article of clothing is removed. If not, then holy moly, does a full on fit ensue. She fights like a cage fighter when it come to getting dressed in the morning. Madaline actually had me seeing stars on Monday as she managed to connect with my jaw as I was wrestling a pair of tights on her. Jeepers.

Trying to encourage her to use her words is a lost cause in our house at the moment. And, Lord help me if I can't figure out what it is that she wants or what she is trying to tell me fast enough. IF I can't, then she goes into a full blown melt down mode. This has got to be the most frustrating part of it all - I know she is trying to tell me something, I can see it in her eyes, but, she just can't or doesn't know how.

The lack of language I can deal with - well, not really, but, it is the least of my concerns at this point. I realize that toddlers need to learn their boundaries and that eventually they will figure out what fear it. But, this is just a total lack of regard for her own safety. It as if she is afraid of NOTHING, and that has me worried.