Friday, October 3, 2008

11/07/2007 - No Alarm Clock Needed in my house

My child is putting me through the paces this week - and it's only Wednesday. MY dh is working in Conn. this week, so we are home and on our own for the most part. I swear something has gone off in this child little brain that says, Daddy's not home.....let's give Mama a run for her money. So, I have dealt with the possibility of Maddy spitting up blood, which resulted in a call to the GI, and another increase in her Prevacid The again, last night, after a huge scream fest, and 4 ozs of a bottle, she finally....finally koncked out. But, only to have me panick yet again (so now this is twice in the last 24 hours) because it looked like something had bitten her on the inside of her ear, just outside the opening to the ear hole (I dont' know the proper name is, but I hope you all understand). So, I called my mom, who immediatly walked over, onlyl to have her tell me that she most likely just scratched herself, and that rest assured, somehting was not living in her ear, living on her flesh. So, I up to bed she goes. Now, everynight since Sunday (dh left on Sunday afternoon) because it's just me, I have immediately made bottles, taken a shower and gone to bed. Maddy has slept until her normal 5am wake up time each of these days. Last night, the only change in the system was that I stayed up to watch a one hour show I had on the DVR. Big mistake.....I was only in bed about 1/2 hour later than normal, and Madaline decided that she should be awake at 3am. I had just checked on her at about 2:30 - becuase the house was incredibly cold last night, and had to get up to get an extra blanket for my bed. So, as a result, of this abrupt, sudden waking at 3am - I turned into "BAD Mama"....I got up, went into her room, re-covered her up with her blanket, gave her a nuk, and said:

"Madaline Elizabeth, it's 3am in the morning, we are NOT getting up yet - it's to early, go back to sleep"

*Like, I would really be able to reason with an infant at that hour in the first place*

The I turned around, walked out of her room, crawled back into my bed, and laid there. I could hear her in there gabbering away and kicking her legs, but she didn't fuss, and I am assuming that she fell back asleep (I don't know when, becuase I fell back asleep ), and we proceeded to get up 4:30. Granted, this is only a 1/2 hour earlier than what we usually do, but I swear, it will make a HUGE difference in how awake I feel at 2:30 this afternoon.

So, here I am at work, now wondering if I crawled under my desk for a little snooze if anyone would notice?

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